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need rational backup

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I received a lap dance from a stripper.  I groped her nipples a bit, they were pierced.  I also grabbed her ass.  She was wearing a g-string.  I don't have any broken skin on my hands that I can see.  She got her chest pretty close to my face but a didn't touch her with my mouth.  My face and head were a little sweaty.  She ground into me enough to cause me to ejaculate in my jeans.  Am I in any danger of an STD?  Does any of this make sense?

i know I'm no position to give anyone advice but even i could say that you didn't have no risk

Nope, no risk.

No risk. Take 5 minutes to read the welcome thread and the HIV transmission lessons:

Believe me, it's worth it.



That's correct, you are in no position to give advice on this forum. Please keep all your additional thoughts or comments in your OWN thread, please. And make sure you read the forum posting guidelines in our Welcome Thread. Thank you for your cooperation.



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