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Media Weather insanity has started again

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Thank God disco died. I hated going into bars and there was always someone in a zoot suit practicing their travolta moves.

How dare you sir.....that was me with "Nightfever,Nightfever"!

BeeGees Rule!

Hal 8)

The Weather Channel cracks me up.  When they show taped (repeated) segments from either affiliates or their own meteorologists...the on-air Weather Channel reporter thanks the person very much at the end of the though it was live when it obviously wasn't.  What's up with that?

It makes about as much sense as the on-air meterologist asking one of their "weather experts" a question to which s/he obviously already knows the answer.  For example...the meteorologist will give a report on a tropical storm...then five minutes later ask one of their weather experts "Where is the storm right now?" when s/he just told us five minutes ago.

The above is phoney and distracting.



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