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Media Weather insanity has started again

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News Alert: When it rains in Houston it floods. These morons have been on Tv all day wading around in sewage water and floating garbage predicting doomsday. We dodged the hurricanes last summer so this is their chance to get their mugs on the tube. Just sick.
I have lived in Houston for 30 years. When it rains here, it really rains, like 5 inches an hour. Hence the fucking floods. This flood today would never have made the news ten years ago,now its a big deal. If it bleeds,it leads. sick fukcers.
Most of the water has subsided, but the media is gleefully predicting more rain. I would love to see one these clowns get washed away, but then we would have to hear about it 24/7.


Everything has a title, and a graphic, and dramatic music to introduce the segment these days.

I feel your pain.

I thought I saw you waving from a rooftop. I give day goes better if I ignore the news-local and national. Don't worry Jake...Houston will be off the tube soon. There's bound to be a car chase in L.A. or a missing bimbo in paradise. Thank God for re-runs.

Hal ???

its the only way we get on the news. We really had wonderful weather for the past 8 months. Hardly any rain and many days perfect for shorts and sweater or long sleeve shirt. You could actually drink coffe outside here.
It did not rain at my house all day.

Its almost as bad as the ASS Clown reporters here that find a puddle of knee deep water and then stand in and zoom in to make it look like theyre in a flood ....Hopefully we won't have to endure an endless rotation of CNN reporters pouring in to Florida to cover a Hurricane for a couple of hours then heading to the nearest Golf Resort for a weekend on their CNN.expense account. Hunker Down On THIS Anderson and Miles !!
I swear they were half Crocked when they covered Wilma last year....

I remember the Houston Floods, and all of the folks that would plow their cars into deep water in order to cash in on their insurance..Im sure car dealerships Love the rain....


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