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Hello there,

Firstly, let me start off by saying i am extreemly happy that i have found such a great website full of wonderful people. I am a hetrosexual male and have always practiced safe sex. A few months ago i had an incident with a hetrosexual female whiched involved recieving oral and fignering. I am fully aware that recieving oral is a theoretical risk only and i am not worried about this. However, i am worried about the fingering epeisode as the girl was on her period and i was not aware at the time because the lights were off. The fingering went on for a good 10 minutes and was very deep. When we turned the lights on there was blood all over the bed and my fingures were covered in it. I have read that fingering is no risk but would the precence of blood slightly increase the risk especially if the skin around my fingernails was bleeding or very torn down as i constantly bite the skin around the nails. My doctor has told me that this is not how hiv is transmitted. He told me that i do not need to test unless it gave me the peice of mind. Your views would be grately appreciated.


Andy Velez:
Your doctor gave you the real deal. Even IF the woman you were with is HIV+, (IF!), the risk from fingering even when blood is involved is strictly theoretical. There's never been a case of transmission in this manner and it's safe to say you aren't going to make history by becoming the first to be infected this way.

HIV is a fragile virus and not easily transmitted. Please read the Transmission lesson on this site. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You'll get all the basics there that you need to know.

There's no cause for testing nor for further concern this time.


Thank you for your reply Andy.

I have read the transmission lesson on a number of occasions.

My doctor has five patients who are HIV+ and he has told me pretty much the same as you about how HIV is transmitted. But he also said that even tho vaginal sex is a clear way of transmission anal sex is what is usually necessary to transmit the virus. He added that HIV requires some kind of "friction" as he put it to transmit which is why anal sex is usually the case. However, saying this he told me that he would advise anyone of his patients to take an HIV test if they have had vaginal or anal sex. In all his years he has never seen a man contract HIV off a women through vaginal sex. Can you comment on this?


sorry i must ad..i do realise that neither vaginal or anal sex applies to me from this senario it would just seem if this is the case that would make transmiting hiv from fingering would be to save an argument impossible?


Andy Velez:
There are literally millions of HIV+ people worldwide who have contracted HIV through vaginal intercourse. Women are particularly vulnerable because their vaginal structure creates a very receptive environment for the virus.

Transmission to men is considerably more difficult since it has to be through the urethra or in the case of those who are uncircumcised through the inner part of the foreskin. While the risk for transmission vaginally for men is significantly less likely, it is by no means rare. In more cases than I would like to count guys have become infected vaginally because they mistakenly thought that as the insertive partner they were not at risk. WRONG!

Low risk is not the same as no risk.


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