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Has there ever even been a documented case of transmission via shared razor? I imagine he has a better chance of getting struck by lightning.

Molten, you poor boy.  As others have already said it could be many other things.  The first thing to pop into my mind at his age would be Mono.  I'll keep you both in my thoughts.  Sure hope the doctor comes back with good news so your brother can get better and so you can get back to taking care of yourself!


There are two cases where it is thought that shared razors transmitted HIV. However, none of the serodiscordant studies have brought this vector to the table, and you KNOW what I think about patient report.

Methinks that at least in the 1992 case, the siblings were sharing more than razor blades. I'm just saying.


Yes, Justin I'm aware of what you think about patient report. Anyway, so we're looking at like 1 in 35 million actual cases. I'm not a statistics person. Since that's actual cases I'm sure the odds are even more remote than that.

The national weather service says the odds of getting struck by lightning in the next year are 1 in 700,000. Indeed much more likely.

Molten, you've been infected a few months now, right? If this happened before your diagnosis isn't the incubation period quite a bit off for primary infection?

Hang in there molten I'm sure your brother is fine. I'm keeping you and your bro in my thoughts.


More to the point that unless you directly cut yourself and they immediately used the razor and then cut themself, there is no way they could have got HIV from you. HIV inactivates when it dries and hot water also does this. I just don't see what you did to put them at risk. As the wise JK says.....the only reports we have of this are unreliable. In the history of HIV it doesn't happen. I predict it won't be HIV - and for the record it's unlikely to be cancer.



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