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This past couple of days have been full of different emotions.

My brother (15) has had his lympnodes swelling like crazy all over his head and neck. I'm hoping that it's not HIV. There was a time before I knew I was positive that he and I shared a razor. While I always washed the razor off with hot water, I'm still worried. Part of me thinks this worry is unfounded because he didn't have any acute infection symptoms, and part of me is trying not to think of what I complete shit I would be if he is HIV+. Yet another part is worried that it may be Cancer.

My brother and I have always been extremely close. There are 7 years between us, but we're the best of friends. It would KILL me to find out that he's HIV+, and the double whammy would be that it was because of me. He's a virgin, and he's not a drug user, so there's only one possible source: Me.

My family is scared out of our wits, and we're probably going to tell him tonight about my status. I just hope he doesn't stay mad at me forever, and I pray that he doesn't have it. He's only 15...

*goes to smoke himself into oblivion for awhile & trying not to cry*

Has he been to the dr yet?? Could be alot of reasons why he has swollen lymphnodes besides cancer and HIV.

We had an outbreak of mumps here not long ago.

 I would take him to the dr and have him checked out before i panicked.

Try to stay calm.


Get him tested and find out.  I never understood all my life(even way befor I was poz) why anyone shares personl hygene stuff.  It was a no-no from my childhood and there was no HIV then.  If you rinsed it good with serious hot water(even out of the tap, mine will scaled ur hands), he's most likely okay; probably something else...but need to find out.  This crap is hard to spread, I don't care how much fear 'they' try to put into you; it's like hep c, etc; blood contact and heat will kill it(hot water).

Rob - Dublin:
Hey Molten,

A doc's visit is a necessity as there are so many other possibilities that could be the cause of his trouble. Mumps and a variation of Glandular Fever are very common also and could have the symptoms u describe.

i'm not a doc BUT if I was i'd fly over to u to put ur mind at rest ;)


He went to the doctor today, and they drew blood to test for HIV, Mono, and Cancer. They also gave him some antibiotics in case it's bacterial.

I'll keep you all posted.


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